Overcoming Talent Acquisition Challenges in GCC: Strategies for Success

Global Capability Centres (GCCs) are established by multinational corporations and they serve as hubs for innovation, efficiency and global collaboration. They are essential in modern business operations. From back end support to high value functions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), GCCs provide a wide range of services. That is why they are emerging as key players in the modern business landscape.

However, with the increasing growth of GCCs, their talent acquisition challenges are also increasing. Simply put, due to the rapid growth and increasing demand for skilled talent in emerging technologies, the competition among GCCs for hiring top candidates has increased. In this blog we will discuss the talent acquisition challenges in GCCs and several strategies GCCs can use to overcome these challenges. So let us dive right in!

Understanding the talent landscape in GCCs

GCCs operate in a dynamic environment where there is a high demand for top IT talent. But the recruitment challenge is that there is not enough supply to meet this demand. This is not all! The skill requirements of GCCs are evolving.

As a result, these hubs demand expertise in emerging technologies. Not only does this widen the gap in their talent acquisition process but it ultimately leads to more recruitment challenges like longer recruitment circles and increased hiring costs for GCCs.

What are the talent acquisition challenges in GCC?

There are many problems in recruitment and selection process that make it difficult for GCCs to identify, attract, hire and retain the right candidates. Here are some:

Shortage of skilled talent

Due to the rapid development and expansion of GCCs, there has become a shortage of skilled talent, especially in the AI, ML and cloud computing areas. This shortage makes it challenging for GCCs to find candidates with the right skills for their open roles.

Competition for the best candidates

Usually, GCCs are always in competition with other GCCs and core IT companies to hire the best talent. This stiff competition makes it difficult for these hubs to attract and retain the best candidates in the competitive job market.

Increased hiring costs

The demand for skilled talent leads to increased recruitment costs. These costs do not only include salaries and other benefits but also expenses related to hiring, onboarding and training.

Effective strategies to overcome talent acquisition challenges in GCC

GCCs can stand out in the business world and can position themselves for long-term success by implementing these effective talent acquisition strategies:

      Build a strong employer brand

A strong employer brand in the talent market can help GCCs gain a competitive advantage. They can showcase their unique culture, company values and employee benefits to set themselves apart from other GCCs and companies looking to hire top talent. It will increase their chances of finding, hiring and retaining top talent.

      Develop a robust talent pipeline

Engaging with universities, colleges and technical institutions can help reduce problems faced by recruiters in GCCs by developing a robust talent pipeline. In other words, GCCs can establish partnerships with various institutions as it will give them access to a steady stream of fresh talent. Moreover, they can also take help from an interview outsourcing company for the same.

      Invest in employee development

Investing in employee development programs such as training and upskilling initiatives is the best way by which GCCs can find, attract and retain top talent. It is because such programs allow employees to enhance their skills and advance their careers. And when candidates get such amazing growth opportunities and benefits, they are more likely to work in that company for the long term.

      Use the latest technology

As per a report by Tidio, Nearly 67% of hiring professionals believe that AI in recruitment has many benefits.

The recruitment technology has significantly improved over the last few years. In this case, GCCs should use innovative technology to streamline their recruitment process. This can include using AI-powered tools such as interview as a service platform by VProple to screen and find the best candidates more efficiently and quickly.

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      Prioritize diversity and inclusion

Did you know? According to a CNBC survey, 80% of the candidates reported that they want to work for a company that values diversity, equity and inclusion.

Since a more inclusive and diverse workforce attracts a wider pool of candidates, GCCs can enhance their talent acquisition efforts and decrease challenges in recruitment by emphasizing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Lastly, if these operational hubs want to ensure that the above talent acquisition strategies align with the broader goals of the parent company, taking proactive measures and implementing some strategies is not enough. They would also need a deep understanding of business objectives and talent market dynamics.

In other words, GCCs must continuously monitor and analyze industry trends, competitor activities and talent availability. This is how they can effectively align their talent acquisition strategies with the business needs to remain competitive.

The bottom line

Finding the best candidates in GCCs is not just about filling positions. Instead, it is about building a team of skilled professionals who can work dedicatedly to help the parent organization meet its goals and objectives. Talent acquisition is indeed a critical challenge for GCCs.

But they can overcome these challenges faced by recruiters and hire the best talent by using the right strategies. That is because as GCCs continue to grow and expand their operations, it is essential for them to develop and implement proactive talent acquisition strategies. It is the only way by which they can emerge as leaders in the global business landscape and secure the talent they need to drive innovation, success and growth.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1- What is KPI in talent acquisition?

Ans. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and talent acquisition metrics measure the effectiveness and performance of the hiring process. They provide valuable insights to predict the likelihood of achieving different hiring goals.

Q2- What are the key success factors of talent acquisition?

Ans. Strong employer brand, data-driven decisions, efficient and fast hiring process, effective sourcing strategies, skilled recruitment team and positive candidate experience are some key success factors of talent acquisition.

Q3- How can interviews as a service platform help GCCs?

Ans. An interview as a service platform can help GCCs by handling a large volume of interviews efficiently, providing access to expert interviewers for various positions, speeding up the hiring process, reducing the workload of in-house hiring teams and ensuring a standardized interview process and evaluations. 

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