Challenges Faced by Recruiters in Hiring

Recruitment is one of the most essential jobs to make an organisation successful. The recruitment process is one of the most tiring and challenging jobs as it takes work to screen, interview, hire, and then retain the candidates acquired. It is a time-consuming job that poses a lot of challenges ahead, especially when you don’t outsource interviews.

Here, we will discuss the challenges faced by recruiters during the process.

Unclear Job Description

While posting job descriptions, most organisations are unclear about their requirements. The JDs are not fine-tuned for the post they are hiring for and do not state the required skills clearly. This, in turn, makes it difficult for the recruiter to find the right candidates for the job, because the applicants do not understand the descriptions completely. Instead of speeding up the process, this delays it instead.

In such cases, curated job descriptions come to the rescue. If your organisation chooses to opt for an Interview-As-A-Service system, which can help out with all the hiring needs, then curated JDs can be obtained. These JDs are divided into points, in terms of required skills, knowledge, and proficiency to apply for a particular job. This makes the evaluation of candidates easier.

Resume Shortage and Sourcing Resumes

We often assume that recruiters are flooded with resumes. But most of them are either lacking in required skills or aren’t updated with recent data. This makes it difficult for the recruiter to look for resumes that are the right fit for the job. Apart from that, recruiters also spend a lot of time sourcing for resumes and match the requirements

By using an interview as a service platform, recruiters can go through the resumes and screen them to get the ones that’ll be the best fit.

Fake Candidates and Proxy Interviews

Fake interviews have drastically increased after the pandemic with companies shifting to virtual interviews. Many candidates find innovative ways to fake through the interviews and this causes further delay in the process. It is difficult for the recruiter to identify the proxies on their own without using any tools.

To solve this issue, you can opt for online interview services and their AI tools will help you detect malpractice and proxy interviews.

Excessive Time, Cost, and Effort

The recruitment process is a long, time-consuming process. It takes a lot of effort and time for recruiters to schedule interviews, go through multiple candidates, and evaluate them. It also costs a lot to arrange multiple interviews. Not only that, the hiring process takes away important internal resources of the organisation and engages them in repetitive tasks.

However, with the help of video interview services, recruiters can optimise the entire hiring process to a great extent. It not only reduces the time-to-hire but also effectively reduces the cost of the process. By using these interview outsourcing companies, the pre-screening process is fastened extensively, so that the interviews can be scheduled faster, while also providing options for coding tests and architecture tests to test the candidates’ proficiency.

Recruiters face many challenges during the hiring process. We only listed a few of them. But these challenges can be solved and you can optimise your recruitment process. Interview-as-a-Service platforms are being employed by most organisations so that they can be ahead of their competition and find the top candidates without much hassle. Top candidates usually have multiple offers at hand, so you must reach them first and give them your best offers. With these platforms, your visibility and candidate experience will improve, which will help build your brand with word of mouth among the candidates.

The job market keeps on changing constantly, so it is important to adapt to the changes while building your brand. Recruiting the best fit is necessary to grow your organisation and build a productive workforce. Use the interviewing platforms to make sure that you optimise your hiring process without wasting your time and effort.

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