Technical Interview as a Service

Interviews: Tracing the way back !

One of the major purposes of any documentation is to backtrack the work. Any path which cannot be traced back can be easily flawed. Tracing the old school method of technical expert interview would be like re-enacting the crime scene, based on only assumptions and various permutations and combinations.

With no records, proof, or base to verify if the interview was effective, most of the conventional methods of interviewing, once done if anyone wants to look back and review the process, it is going to be fuzzy, or at times blank. No interviewer would have an accurate review of the interview conducted by him. It would be his instincts that made him close on a person but not an appropriate methodology.

Moving forward does not imply that
we blank out the path we have travelled

Only when an interview is documented, given its due importance, respective credits, we can ensure an effective interview.

When it is not effective in-house; the only solution would be to outsource technical interviews to a dedicated team who can conduct on-demand interview service. When their sole purpose of existence becomes only conducting technical interviews with experts in the respective domain; their capability factor increases multifold.

That is where a company that considers interviews as a service platform comes into the picture. The team would be responsible for the interview scheduling process, ensuring effective interview, documenting for future reference until closing the final candidate, and handing it over to the client. The whole process would become traceable and clearer. When one realizes that it is measured and documented; the approach, respect, and attitude towards the process changes.

Until now, every interviewer would discard the journey of an interview, only fix the destination. But the path is equally, in fact, more important than the destination.