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Recruitment Marketing

Importance of Recruitment Marketing

Let’s understand what Recruitment Marketing is:

Recruitment Marketing, in layman’s terms, is the process of attracting top talents in the preferred fields for your brand employer. Its goal is to attract eligible candidates for positions that might be open in your company, in order to hire the right people for the job. Just like attracting customers to your business, in today’s candidate-driven job market, where they can pick and choose their options and decide what is best suited for them, it is highly relevant for companies to apply every strategy necessary to get their hands on the top candidates. The focuses of the strategies are to showcase how working for a particular employer can be of extreme value in the candidates’ careers while promoting the company culture.

The objective of Recruitment Marketing:

The objective of recruitment marketing is to use targeted communication with the help of different tools like social media, targeted emails, job advertisements in order to increase the employer brand’s outreach in a way that it not only reaches the active but the passive candidates, as well.

Strategies for Recruitment Marketing:

Building Brand Awareness:

While strategizing for recruitment marketing, the first thing to focus on is to build brand awareness, because of the parallels that the job market now has with the consumer market, where the audience holds the power in their hand to search and research and make their opinions on the online presence of the brands, clear brand messaging is highly crucial. The candidate cannot show an interest in your brand if you are unable to create enough awareness to draw their attention.

Polish your brand’s website to provide relevant information:

In order to do that a crucial part is polishing your website and keeping it current. While looking up a brand, the website is the first page any candidate would go to and it is important that they get a clear and memorable idea of the brand by just glancing at it. It is also of utmost importance that the website is user-friendly, especially for the candidates, making it easier for them to access the information about possible recruitments. Making sure that the job descriptions are direct and easy to understand is also highly important. It has to have enough detailed information about the job to help the possible candidate make an informed decision about applying for the job.

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Build an organic social media presence to garner interest about the brand:

Building an organic social media presence is another strategy that needs to be focused on because in today’s world, social media has the power to make or break a brand. It also gives you the platform to promote your company culture, give the potential candidates a sneak-peek into how their lives could be if they become a part of this brand. By doing this, you can add an element of relatability where the potential candidates would want a company culture like the one that has been shown on your social media platforms. It also comes with the power of reaching a whole new “target audience” with the help of these platforms. Once you build their interest with the help of your social media platforms, you can use them to reach new target audiences by boosting your advertisements over the platforms which will reach out to people who fit the category. As per the survey conducted by one of the best interviews as a service platforms in Bangalore, Brand value and  social media presence influence the potential candidates more than the anything else. 

Focus on a review platform for employees:

As we have established that now the internet holds all the power, it is important to receive genuine, organic feedback about the brand on online platforms which can help the candidates to verify the authenticity of the brand image that has been projected so far. In order to do that, it is necessary to give the current or former employees a platform to review the workings of the brand and for the company to actually respond to those reviews. This can work as a great insight for the potential candidates to understand how much the brand values its employees.

Email and Video Marketing:

Use different forms of marketing from email marketing to video marketing, in order to make sure that it is your brand that is always in focus. With the help of email marketing, you can promote the progress that you have made so far as a brand, which is likely to draw the audience’s attention towards you. You can also interest them in different initiatives that the brand takes to make a change towards the society, which can add a human element to the otherwise very technical approach. That can be done using video marketing where you showcase the steps you, as a brand, have taken towards some form of change. We all know how people retain the most from visual content in comparison to any other kind of content. So, displaying your company’s strengths and a healthy approach towards maintaining an interesting work culture is likely to draw the attention of the candidates towards your brand.

Understand your brand and its hiring needs for success:

Apart from building a good online presence of your brand, it is also important to understand which segments of the brand need to be focused on to succeed immediately and in the long run, and then the focus needs to be to acquire the best candidates for those segments through on demand technical interview service. Everyone comes with different sets of skills and as employers, it is highly essential that you have the ability to identify which candidate would be appropriate for which segment of the company and employ the recruitment marketing strategies accordingly.

Introduce a chatbox for potential candidates:

Initiating an AI based chat feature which can provide answers to queries that the candidates might have can prove to add immense value to the brand website. Adding a feature to connect with the current employees in case of further queries can also prove as an asset. While doing so, incorporating a referral system can be a beneficial idea where the current employees have an incentive to find the right candidate for the company as well.

Engage with the candidates on an interpersonal level:

Even though interpersonal marketing has lost the effect that it used to have because of digital marketing, it is always an add-on to introduce a social event where the people can have the opportunity to explore and network. It can be for specifically recruitment purposes or just social events for the team members and potential candidates to mingle with one another. Promote the events on social media using innovative ideas, making use of the tools with high engagement like reel and story promotions to the fullest, which can help you reach candidates who would add value to the brand in the long run.

Recruitment Marketing has become an important part of any brand making its presence felt, digitally or interpersonally.  After building awareness and an interest in the candidates, you are required to maintain the work that has been done to draw their attention and further make the process easier for them, because it is them who will make the choice to apply for your brand. 

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