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How to Prepare for a Job Interview: Candidate’s Focus

How to prepare for a job interview when a call is from your most preferred company. What many of us feel is a mixture of many emotions, anxiousness and at the same time we start pondering on how to prepare for an interview, which part of the profile,experience and education should receive maximum focus , etc. What is better than relying on the advise provided by a professional interviewer of one the best interview outsourcing company in Bangalore.

Many of this suggestion or advice derives from the unconscious biases each one of us has based on our experience in a similar situation.

In existence of all of the conflicting advices available and the everyday changing rules of getting a job, it is very easy for a job seeker to be confused about is how to prepare for an interview and be best in showcasing their strengths in an interview. VproPle, one of the best interview as a service provider in Bangalore have prepared a few important factors to be kept in mind while preparing for a technical inteview.

“One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist”
Stephen Hawking

1. Rehearse, prepare, rehearse, prepare, (The PR2 of Interview)

Every interview advice starts with doing your homework part. It is a known fact that doing your homework before an interview is always helpful, but most of the time, we feel we have not done enough. So, it again comes back to the prime question, how to prepare for a job interview and what includes in the homework?
From a macro-level perspective, it is just about preparation and rehearsing the preparation and continuing the cycle again and again until you are fully convinced about the outcome. But Let’s dig deeper into it and break them a little more.

Preparation, in general, comprises of all that we want to showcase which includes, our expertise, special skills related to the subject matter, educational qualification, creative hobbies, any recognition, extra-curricular activities, highlights about the present company as well the interviewer’s establishment, its organizational structure, its culture, the relevant expertise and ongoing trends, updates, etc. This length of the list could vary as per the roles, responsibilities, requirements of the interviewer.The experts of the interview outsourcing company in banglore states that:

The preparation for the interview should include a brush-up on the details that you feel are relevant for the job interview. With your continuous preparation, you will be more confident thereby increasing the positivity within you. The preparation and rehearsing should go hand in hand. You should consider only preparation without rehearsing is like a half-done job. But why? Well, the answer for that is, we expect ourselves to give the most effective, structured, and logical replies to the questions of the interviewer. With this expectation, we expose ourselves to stress anxiety, and struggle. Rehearsing takes things to our subconscious level and we answer the questions without any struggle, which in turn build our confidence from the very beginning, and the flow of the interview remains smooth and structured.

2. Strategy Formulation

As an individual, you try to strategize everything and for an interview also you should do the same.You should try to find the top technical expert interview questions in Bengaluru, and should give a thought about what message you want to convey to the interviewer the moment you enter the room. One way to achieve this is to prepare your narrative ahead of time depicting the connection between the job profile and what you have achieved. Do not forget to back the same up with experience. You should rehearse the narratives many times so that, it does not lose its flow and focus despite interruptions from the interviewer.

3. Provide more emphasis on your potential

The primary focus in an interview should be to project yourself as a perfect candidate for the job validating them with your strengths, skills, and experience without drawing the interviewer’s attention towards your weaknesses. You should remember that interviewer knows that everyone has weaknesses and it is wrong to hide or be ignorant or indifferent about them. The interviewers of on demand interview service company in Bangalore know that indifferent attitude towards a weakness does not make a candidate capable.

To portray a positive image of yourself you should acknowledge it if asked, and have a clear answer about being mindful about it, try to put the emphasis back on your strengths and expertise.

You should be strategic about how you want to play around blending a perfect mixer of skill, strength, experience with the weaknesses to improve your success rate. The more you practice the more refined the whole process would get thereby increasing your chances of success rate.

4. Target should be to ace it in the first 40 seconds

First impressions matter. Within the first 30/40 seconds, interviewers generally form an opinion about your profile personality from observing how you are presenting yourself before them. The best performers of any interview outsourcing company are those who walk with confidence, speak clearly and in a way so that it captures the attention of the interviewers from the beginning taking them along the ride in a clear, steady, and uncluttered way.

Rehearsing has a short as well as long term benefit and it will increase your success rate in interviews tremendously. You should rehearse and prepare what you think might be relevant for the job interview beforehand. It helps when you record a video and observe where you should improve upon to present your best version forward from the very beginning.

5. You don’t have to yourself, or even better just don’t be yourself

As surprising as it might be Yes, don’t be yourself rather try to be a trained improvised person as you want to present the best version of yourself. Do what is necessary to present the best foot forward. But be watchful of not overselling yourself, which will go against you. While you bring the best version of yourself try to back it with hard evidence.

6. Ready for the tough questions

Many people worry about how to answer questions related to their gap period of employment, multiple job switches within a short time frame, or any discrepancies that might appear in their cv. The best solution is to prepare for each and everything that the interviewer might ask that is stated in the CV.

It is preferable to have multiple answers to these difficult questions. One could have 2 or 3 sets of answers based on the circumstances and follow-up questions that might come up from those.

The first answer should be a simple and straight forward answer without many details. In case if the interviewer decides to pursue more, you should be equipped with more answers. If the interviewer pushes further, be ready with another level of detail. The idea is to never be pushed so far that you are left high and dry without an answer.

7. When interview is not going smoothly

At times the interview does not progress as per our expectations and it becomes obvious that it is going downhill. The reason could be anything from the interviewer is not fully connected with you or your answers are not what the interviewer was seeking from you. One of best advise was given a leading technical interviewer of vprople, the interview outsourcing company in Bangalore is that : it is very significant to maintain calm and do not agonize over the past. Instead, focus on the present moment. Concentrate on answering the current question as if it’s the beginning of the interview. One way you can move forward is by is starting a conversation about the present situation and acknowledging that maybe you are not exactly answering the questions as per his expectations. Your primary objective at this point should be not to put yourself in more trouble more than you already are.

The above-mentioned tips are some of the handpicked steps that will help you to be ready for an interview in a nutshell. It is very significant to note that a job interview is judging a person’s knowledge, capability, and potential within an hour or half, so it is always about presenting your best-improvised version forward within that frame of time.

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