Unlock scale and insight using VProPle

Design Curated Interviews

An interview is an experience which leaves a lasting impression both on the interviewer and the candidate and no two interviews are the same.

Use VProPle’s custom built 4A framework to design the Interviews which include:

  • Discussion with Hiring manager, Human resource and other key stake holders for a 360-degree view of the requirement.
  • Co-develop Job Description
  • KPIs to ensure the process effectiveness.
  • Culture and technical fitment along with industry best practices.

Evaluation Process

Adopt VProPle’s RrATS methodology which helps put the best foot forward. Customize each interview, based on Design Interview Process outcome, which includes a combination of any of these:

  • Psychometric Evaluation
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Technical Evaluation & Coding Capabilities
  • Behavioural & Situational Analysis
  • One way video, interactive video screening

Monitor Progress

Take control of applicants and interviews with the following progress reports:

  • Candidate interview schedules
  • Interviewer’s profile summary
  • Re-schedule updates
  • Other insights based on our discussion with candidates
  • Candidate’s experience metrics
  • Savings monitor
  • Re-prioritize Candidate pipeline

Evaluation Report

Access our comprehensive one-page evaluation reports for all the information required for your next step in hiring. Our evaluation reports use information from multiple sources:

  • Interviewers’ feedback
  • Any other test prescribed by the client
  • In-house quality check feedback
  • Access to the video interviews for all audit purposes