Learn how VProPle’s AI driven auto scheduler helped PeopleBox save more than 63% of productive time

63% productive hours saved

3 Niche Skills and 6 standard skills

> 70% candidates’ turnout

122 candidates evaluated

Average 28 hrs TAT

88% success ratio


HR Tech



Employee Size




Challenges and Results

  • To choose for open positions in 3 niche and 6 standard skills, 122 candidates were to be interviewed in different time zones
  • Candidates’ availability match with the right panel’s availability was a big hassle; the verge of losing pre-screened candidates due to high TAT
  • Limited internal Panels were unavailable to conduct high volume interviews in short notice
  • The internal HR team of the start-up found it difficult to schedule/organize and give a closure to such a surge in interview numbers
  • Candidates were assessed based on curated (after discussion with People box’s tech team) and calibrated JD by experienced industry experts
  • Pre-availed slots with panels, along with candidate self-schedule and AI driven auto scheduler
  • 48 hrs TAT, trackable and traceable at each stage
  • Final deliverable being detailed feedback, with comparable score cards and recorded link of the video
  • All pre-screened candidates were reached out by team VProPle, and interviews scheduled accordingly
  • 14 candidates were selected after 2 rounds within 2 days
  • Results were available within 04 hrs of interview process for faster onboarding decisions
  • Peoplebox released the offer letters within 5 working days of sharing the profiles