Candidate-Centric Hiring and How AI Can Help

In contemporary times of technological advancement, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pioneering the automation of various vital tasks, and one such essential process is talent acquisition, especially when companies adapt to interview outsourcing. For the recruitment force of any organization, the most significant challenge comes from finding the right talent. Especially when there’s more competition now than ever to fill an essential position in any company worldwide. Also, assessing a job candidate’s qualifications is not the end goal of recruitment anymore, there are indeed more layers that need to be evaluated such as past experiences and conformity to corporate values to find the right fit for the company.

You might be wondering how exactly AI serves its purpose in the recruitment process. For a short answer, machine learning can contribute to shortlisting candidates with way more efficiency than the manual selection procedure, from each stage of the job selection process until the final hiring.

But with the evolution of technology, we have also witnessed growth in the hiring industry, which in turn introduced us to new ways of assessing job prospects.

One such way is candidate-centric hiring. Unlike traditional hiring, this form of hiring focuses on putting the job seekers and their experiences at the center of the job selection process rather than the employer’s organization. This approach to hiring aims to prioritize delivering positive and engaging experiences to all candidates. In this way, the talented candidates get instantly attracted by the organization’s potential to meet their needs and expectations if and when they step up as an employee.

In this blog, we will talk extensively about candidate-centric hiring and prove why it’s essential in today’s day and age of talent acquisition for all corporations. Not only that, we will also cover how AI can be instrumental in delivering the best candidate experience.

Why Candidate-Centric Hiring Matters?

Because of its ability to defy traditional hiring practices that focus solely on fulfilling the requirements set by the recruiter, hiring focused on candidate experience is an innovative approach in the hiring industry & has therefore attained wide recognition in recent years only. There are several aspects of this type of hiring that make it a truly unique process-

1.    Candidate Experience: By maintaining a commendable service of timely feedback, clear communication, and a respectful approach towards job seekers, delivering the best candidate experience is the heart and soul of candidate-centric hiring. The best Interview as a Service platforms prioritize this kind of approach to hire professionals for its clients.

2.    Personalization: There are various ways in which candidate-centric hiring can cater to some personal preferences of individual candidates, such as offering flexible interview schedules, addressing specific queries unique to the individual, and accommodating other requests. Various video interviewing platforms enable candidates to give recorded interviews as per their availability.

3.    Robust Communication Approach: Keeping candidates informed at every step of the hiring process is important for all candidates irrespective of their selection or rejection. This is because a delayed or no response is a major pet peeve for most job applicants. While this is a very tedious process, certain interview outsourcing platforms can help you keep each and every candidate updated.

The presence of all the above-mentioned factors in a typical candidate-focused recruitment reaps several benefits for the hiring organization such as:

1.    Attracting Qualified Professionals- A positive candidate experience motivates the right candidate to eagerly apply for a position at any organization with a candidate-centric hiring process.

2.    Enhanced Employer Brand- Strong employer branding is rooted in treating candidates with the respect they deserve. This has a positive impact on the recruiting party’s reputation.

3.    Higher Acceptance Rates- Candidates with positive & engaging experience are likely to accept job offers, therefore reducing the risk of losing a talented candidate to competing offers.

4.    Improved Retention- Candidates who went through zero communication problems and had all their queries cleared are likely to stay long with the organization once hired.

AI & its Purpose in Talent Recruitment

A single hiring requires days of work and immense cost. The volume of hiring will increase exponentially in the coming years as organizations expand. Therefore, one has to stay prepared for the tedious tasks of recruiting qualified professionals in a large volume from a much larger market every time, and that too with a limitation of the size of manpower in the hiring industry.

That’s where AI comes to serve the purpose, it automates all the heavy and repetitive tasks resulting in a seamless hiring experience for the recruiters and assisting job seekers at every stage of the selection process promptly, therefore adding value to the candidate experience as well.

Some situational examples are the auto-screening of a vast number of resumes to shortlist the most qualified candidates in the introductory stage of job hiring, and the use of software backed by “sentiment analysis” to reduce any biased tone in your job description before publishing the same.

How AI can elevate Candidate-Centric Hiring?

Enhanced Communication Channel: Chatbots backed by AI are very popular in B2C businesses, however, they can also come in handy for recruiting purposes as well. A chatbot, which is available for either text or voice interactions, can serve as the employer’s representative and answer all the general queries asked by the job candidates on time, hence maintaining an active communication channel. The only setback for this process is that candidates might ask some questions that cannot be answered by a chatbot, in those cases, you can step in and answer the query.

Standardized Job Hiring: Even though an unbiased approach is a compulsory trait for recruitment, one can still end up being unconsciously biased. Therefore, to assess and hire with complete objectivity, we need to standardize data between the candidates’ knowledge, skills, and experiences and the requirements of the job. This is something that can be attained easily by AI. This will lead to quality hiring of candidates who are more satisfied, productive, and least likely to turnover.

Time & Cost Efficient:  By streamlining a multitude of tasks in candidate-centric hiring via AI, recruiters save a large chunk of time and money that would have otherwise gone in the course of finding the right talent without AI. It also helps in saving energy for important post-hiring tasks such as training, onboarding, performance management, etc. If you collaborate with video interviewing platforms that use AI, you can get quality candidates within the least amount of time possible in hiring.


In this blog, we discussed the power of AI to revolutionize the job recruitment process. Besides, we talked about the growth of the hiring industry by itself with the onset of candidate-centric hiring and why it matters. In the end, we looked into the various ways in which AI can help boost the experience of hiring with a candidate-focused approach.

The convergence of this format of hiring with AI indeed marks a pivotal transformation in the recruitment landscape. The importance of candidate-centric hiring cannot be overstated, as it fundamentally modifies how organizations approach talent acquisition.

AI serves as a powerful tool in this venture. Its ability to standardize data to ensure a fair process of hiring, facilitate communication for a better experience, and streamline repetitive processes in large volumes elevates candidate-centric hiring to new levels. AI’s ability to help recruiters save enormous amounts of time, money, and energy is highly commendable. In the future, as organizations continue to expand and face increased competition for talent, this synergy between hiring focused on candidates and AI will become increasingly crucial. The Interview services platforms with powered by the latest technology like Vprople but are ideal platforms that enable organizations to optimize the right blend of AI and human touch for an effective hiring process.

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