5 things the interviewer

HR Trends To Watch Out in 2022

In the previous year, the working landscape has shifted considerably, with HR movements increasingly catalysed workforce evolution.HR leaders were at the forefront of developing capabilities to handle a variety of internal and external disruptive developments. The technical interview outsourcing services in Bangalore have observed the merger of technologies that have been evolved in the recruitment industry.

5 things the interviewer

Why traditional interviews are not preferred by interview as a service platforms?

There has been a paradigm shift in the recruitment field and giants of this sector observed that traditional interview approaches are no longer sufficient to explore the true potential of a prospective candidate. Various interview as a service platform all over the world are reinventing interview process and updating their interview methodology that aligns with their futuristic vision of their industry.

Interview as a service Platform

10 ways to reduce the attrition rate in an organization

In today's innovative technological world, the attrition rate in an organization has immense significance as the same lays down the foundation of the growth path for a successful organization. Attrition occurs in almost every organization; however, it is the attrition rate that provides insight into employee retention capacity in the company. High attrition post recruitment is an implication of poor retention capacity of the organization, which is a deterrent to the growth of the organization in the short as well as in long term. Numerous researches have been conducted on improving the attrition rate of an organization. Here are the 10 ways to decrease the attrition rate.