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AI Is Set To Transform The Tech Recruitment Process In 2024

In recent times, AI has taken the world by storm and has highly impacted the job market. It is now undeniably a part of our everyday lives. While the debate continues whether or not AI will take over jobs rendering people jobless left, right, and centre, it is highly important to understand that we are striving for a balance between AI and human skills. As we are set to step into 2024, AI is expected to be an integral part of the job market, especially tech recruitment.

AI redefining jobs and creating new opportunities

Unlike the common perception of AI killing jobs, in reality, it will take the time-consuming, repetitive work away from humans and leave them with time to focus on highly productive and high-value jobs. This will lead to tweaking of the existing jobs into ones that would require nuanced skills while the minute, time-consuming parts of the job are left to AI.

Most companies have started investing in AI and in order to make use of the investment to the fullest, there will be new jobs created with specific skill sets that will help enhance the efficiency of AI. It will need the human touch in order to capitalize on the profitability that would accompany the investment in AI.

Transforming the Tech Recruitment Process

AI will supposedly change the hiring process, not only for the employers but also for the job seekers. With the help of AI tools, candidates can now get an edge in their job search journey. And for the employers too, implementing AI tools will help them smoothen the process without much hard work.

Use of AI can transform the recruitment process by pacing up the initial stages of hiring. Different AI tools can be used to sift through thousands of resumes in minutes and search for candidates with specific skills with the help of keywords. This can make sure that the separation of the eligible candidates from the ineligible ones is done faster without wasting human effort on it.

Automated technical screening services :

For Tech recruitment, AI can conduct automated technical screening services which will help the employers figure out if the candidates have the necessary technical skills and know-how which are imperative for the job. There are various effective and pre-screening one-way video interview tools like Interview Bites of VProPle, which helps to further churn out the creamy layers of talents from the pre-screen profiles before they appear for L1.

The amalgamation of Ai & human mind:

While using AI can help employers sort through the initial stage of a hiring process, it is highly important to incorporate human intelligence in the process. To measure the intangibles that are extremely important in the recruitment process, employers can outsource technical interviews where interview experts can come in and carry out the steps after AI does the job of finding the eligible candidates to choose from.

These experts can then analyze the candidates on different soft skills that are required to join the company and be valuable employees. Experts would not only assess their technical skills but will make sure that the candidate is a good fit for the company’s values and work culture, and has appropriate communication skills. This will add a personal touch which is very difficult for AI to replicate.

AI and Interview as a Service:

India has been and is a hub for tech talent. The incorporation of AI with interviews as a service in India is only going to make it a forerunner in these trends where companies can outsource the hiring candidates process and make sure that the top candidates are given priority consideration for hiring. Outsourcing interviews can help companies access a global talent pool which would ensure diverse skill sets and experiences.

Using interviews as a service will also prove to be cost-effective for companies as they can focus on their core operations and let experts handle the recruitment process with the help of AI. This balance of industry experts alongside AI tools can be beneficial to make sure the technical interviews are insightful.

As we look ahead into the future, India can be at the forefront by integrating AI and human-led interviews as a service for tech recruitment in 2024. If the synergy between AI and human expertise is utilized to its potential, the companies will be ahead of this competitive world in terms of tech talent acquisition. Everybody is in the race to hire the perfect candidate and as the process evolves, integrating AI and human expertise can lead to an effective, efficient recruitment process in the coming years.

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