Tech start-up based out of Bangalore, India pioneering in Interview as a Service.

VProPle was created by a group of experts with similar perspectives who realised that interviews needed to be handled with extreme care and were crucial to building a team for any firm.

The traditional interviewing technique is an impromptu, iterative procedure. Although it is regarded as a part of the talent acquisition team, the assessment should have its own vertical because it influences the very base of any firm.



VProPle made the decision to give it the consideration and significance it merits. Every interview is carefully selected, organised, and carried out with no compromise on quality in a short amount of time. Only the most pertinent and nearby pool of prospects is made available to the acquisition team. We have carefully balanced the use of technology and human interaction to improve people’s experiences.


At VProPle our mission is to deliver better outcomes every day for our clients by bridging gap between employers, candidates, and interviewers through a technology-led human touch process.

Faster results with the best quality at an optimized cost using technology for smart decision has been our core values.

In less than a year we garnered 20+ clients, including India and abroad, have scheduled 20K + interviews, with 1K+ interviewers covering 100+ skills.