Interview as a service Platform

Candidate experience in interview is your first impression

Candidate experience has been an area of interest for many as it continues to be one of the most important factors in talent acquisition. Candidate experience encompasses all aspects through which they interact with your organization during the recruitment cycle and it includes interaction at your corporate career website, job advertisement, application process, interview process, interaction with team members, HR, senior leadership, communication regarding application/ interview status etc.

When you maintain clarity, simplicity, honesty and consistency in all your communications with the candidates at each step of your recruitment process, there are high chances the candidate would have a positive experience with your organization. A great candidate experience not only keeps your current customers loyal, but also creates new customers thus increasing the depth of your talent pool, and helping you land with the best talent.

Candidates accepting offers with slightly lower package
- if they had good experience during recruitment process.

VProPle in its endeavour to provide the best to its client has recently carried out a market survey to understand whether the means to have a positive candidate experience have remained same over the years or have undergone changes, our team could find a significant shift.

Some of the key points which today’s candidate’s look for includes (but not limited to):

  • High-touch engagement: Candidates expect high-touch engagement which enables them to better understand the requirement. It helps the candidate to quickly check their fitment for the requirement. Many companies like VProPle are leveraging digital platforms for maintaining high touch engagements and addressing candidates’ queries seamlessly. For companies, it helps in building a strong relationship with potential hires which can help in future.
  • Culture & Ethics: Today’s candidates give maximum importance to ethics, work culture and how companies value their people.
  • Simple, user friendly and quick to fill application: Today’s generation wants more in less time and expect organization to structure the entire recruitment process starting from application filling in a way that meets the above criteria.

Over the years, through our interaction with candidates and recruiters have institutionalized our believe that enhanced candidate is the real differentiator for any organization.

Providing a positive candidate experience is beneficial to the organizations in multiple ways
(VProPle 4A's for organizations providing positive candidate experience):

  • Attract More Applicants: With short and simple application process, more job seekers apply thus expanding company’s data repository.
  • Allure Top Talent: Providing a superior candidate experience helps company’s make a great first impression on top talent, which can increase their desire to work for you.
  • Amend Hire Quality: Your candidate experience is more than just a part of the recruiting process; it’s also a sales tool that can help you win over top talent.
  • Augment Brand Awareness: When organizations offer an exceptional candidate experience, candidates talk about it with friends and colleagues. This generates positive awareness for both employer and organization brand.

Its time to work closely to re-structure current recruitment process through process simplification, leveraging digital technology, reducing time for completion with a sole objective of “Enhancing Candidates Experience”