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How to evaluate an interview as a service platform

The time-saving aspect of interview as a service is one of the prime values that has been added to the recruitment industry. Outsourcing empowers admission to industry specialists from an enormous pool, prompting prevalent outcomes. 

Furthermore, it frees up the bandwidth of client employees who are free to concentrate on important revenue-generating initiatives while the technical panellists interview the best candidates. This enables the business to fill open IT roles more quickly, freeing up resources for other crucial duties.


Let’s delve a little deeper into the process. Sourcing candidate profiles has always been outsourced; however, when it comes to technical interview rounds evaluation of candidates has to match the company criteria, quality, and expectations of the client organization. This is where the proficiency of an interview as a service company comes into the picture. There are a few basic yet more significant factors that play a very vital role in the whole process of interview as a service platform.

      1.      Meet the interview panel  

It is very important to evaluate the panel of experts that the interview as a service company has in respect of the domain as mentioned in the Job description. It is always better to have a meeting with the technical team of both parties so that it interviewing panel understands the criteria of evaluation and the areas where the focus should be given the most. Proper segmentation of the Job description helps the evaluator to access the candidate easily. The mandatory skills and good-to-have skills along with the calibration of weightage given on all the different skills are very important to have an effective outcome. 

2.      The easy-to-access platform 

An easy-to-access platform where the dashboard showcases all important parameters is always better than a complicated one. Time is the most important essence, a platform that simplifies the whole process of sharing profiles directly for evaluation not only saves time but also improves overall turnaround time in the assessment of each candidate.  

3.      Proctored interviews: 

The impersonation in interviews is no longer ignored. It is very important to have a very keen eye on interviews from the very initial stage hence, the proctored interview plays a key role in the whole process. 

4.      Interview quality and comprehensive reports 

What sets one player in the market for outsourcing technical interviews as a service apart from the competition? It is always quality. Interviewers frequently assert that they have access to candidates during interviews. However, one should not be influenced by prejudicial statements because candidates should be judged on their abilities by the job description. Sometimes preconceived notions hamper the effective selection of candidates. In the circumstances where the interview has been recorded after obtaining the consent of the candidate; the interview rerun by the quality division can provide a clear picture. 


5.      Interview experience:

It is always a competition for companies for the best talent as the technology sector is always evolving. The balance of power shifts in a candidate-driven market since the best candidates will have a variety of possibilities. Companies will need to find a means to stand out from the competition to “win” prospects if they want to compete. This is where an interview experience comes into the picture. Instant bonding with the candidate where the candidate feels at ease to showcase his skill and potential always creates a positive interview experience.

6.      The whole process of interviewing should be hassle-free trackable and traceable

Once any interview outsourcing is over, the process is considered live. Every process in any company is defined, structured, and documented. But how many companies can claim the same for the interview process? It is not defined and is at the call of the interviewer, no benchmarks or rules are applicable in the selection process. But here interview as a service platform the process is well defined and each stage is traceable and trackable. The account manager keeps track of each profile and takes immediate action on each to fast-track the process effectively. 

7.      Technology-driven human led:

There is no dearth of software that runs entirely automatically and is widely available. Even while it aids, it has been noted that it frequently falls short of expectations. Therefore, for the best evaluation of a candidate, the best combination is to employ technology wherever it is needed, but the evaluation process must be directed by the team of interviewing professionals for a superior outcome.

8.      Comprehensive Interview evaluation report   

A detailed interview report addressing the important parameters of evaluation is of utmost importance as it provides a glimpse of candidates’ knowledge and potential related to the particular skill set. This kind of report not only helps the company with its present position but also many it helps in filling up other positions also with complementary skillset.

9.Always ask for a demo: 

It is always better to get a clear picture of the services and the platform that has been offered by the interview outsourcing companies. The demo will give you a clear idea about the platform and services they offer which will help in terms of making an informed decision. 

While onboarding any new service one has to keep in mind what kind of value it is adding to the whole recruitment process.

Let’s check out how interview as a service platform adds significant value whole candidate onboarding process by resolving the following very important bottlenecks:

  • The first level of outsourcing technical interviews when conducted by an interview outsourcing company eliminates the bias from scratch. The number of candidates the team spends on evaluating would be nearly one-third of the whole bunch chosen initially.
  • In most cases, it would be a minimum of two rounds. That equals twice the effort and time spent, on each candidate selected in the first round, and misspending of time on candidates rejected in the first round. Those hours could have been for deliveries, meetings, and deadlines.
  • Amidst the client meetings and delivery deadlines, each senior team member has to set apart a time for taking interviews in his work timings. If the outsourcing technical interviews   are not conducted on time, the chances of losing proficient candidates to competitors are very high.
  • On average for a single selection around 5-7 candidates are evaluated. It’s not only the interviewer’s time that is spent on a candidate. By the time the candidate reaches an interviewer almost 3-5 people would have invested their time in him. The sourcing agent, the pre-screener, the interview schedular, and other stakeholders spend their time bringing the candidate onto the interview table. 
  • Under circumstances, if the interview gets cancelled the effort on various levels comes down to zero.  
  • If the internal team doesn’t have the right panel availability matching the candidate’s profile and time, the quality of the whole interview process would be compromised.

In conclusion, effective use of resources and time is the most valuable aspect of the growth of an industry. In the era of specialization and innovation, a trusted interview as a service company can play a significant role wherein the candidates are qualitatively evaluated by the qualified worthy panel. 

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